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Raw Santa Hat Brownies

I love getting creative with food! These Raw “Santa Hat” Brownies are super cute and appeal to all ages and diets!

The brownies have a wonderful texture (not too different from normal chocolate brownies) and the buttercream has a great tangy lemon taste to it!

You will need:

Coconut Oil is my newest love! There are literally so many uses for it I get through it so quickly! You can buy it here!

Agave Syrup is another love of mine, usually natural sweeteners or “healthy” sugars taste a bit odd, but this ha a lovely light taste!

Start by processing / chopping the pecans into fine crumbs.

They should be at least this fine when you’re done!

Next process your dates into a paste like consistency.

Add the dates to your pecans and mix thoroughly.

Looking yummy already (and tasting yummy too, I may have taste tested at this point!)

Then add in the Coconut Oil and Desiccated Coconut and mix again.

Pour in the Agave Syrup next.

Finally add the Cacao Powder, this stuff is so good for you!

Mix in and you have a lovely sticky brownie dough!

Now press the mixture into a dish and pop in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

Once the brownies have firmed up a bit, take out of the dish and use a cookie cutter to cut out small circle shapes.

The brownies should slice quite easily once they have been in the fridge.

Next, prepare your buttercream. The Recipe for this Raw Vegan Buttercream is in a separate post here.

Pipe a layer of the buttercream onto each brownie circle.

Then push a strawberry (with the top sliced off) into the buttercream so it pushes the buttercream slightly over the edges. Pipe a little extra around the sides if it doesn’t stick out enough.

For the finishing touch, pipe a small amount of the buttercream on top of the Strawberry and your Santa Hats are done!

Of course, if you just want to keep the brownies simple, you can just slice them into squares once the have set in the fridge!

Like so! :)

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  1. Sounds like your busy!!! I love your ideas!!! Very creative!!!

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